What Are Sleeping Bags Made Of

What Are Sleeping Bags Made Of

Whenever it comes to sleeping, the first thing that comes into everyone mind is comfort.

Everyone needs the comfort level to sleep well and no one wants to get up tired.

Whenever you have anything that is bothering you while you are sleeping, then you wake up at least three at night due to discomfort.

You can sleep in your bed or in a sleeping bag while camping. The discomfort that anyone can face while sleeping in a sleeping bag is due to the quality of fabric that it is been made of.

In order to have a good night sleep outdoors, you will need to choose a good quality sleeping bag made with good materials.

The Quality of Fabric That Is Used For The Sleeping Bags

The first concern is that what it is made up of, which fabric is used in it and why it is the most comfortable thing to be used especially when you are traveling.

If we specifically talk about the inner and outer fabric of the sleeping bags, then one must know that it is for the purpose of providing proper insulation.

The inner is the only part that is in contact with the human body, there are several factors upon which you should judge the type of fabric, for example, the level of comfort that it has to offer.

The capacity to provide breathability, which is due to the fact that if your sleeping bag has to offer you good breathability then it means that the sleeping bag will stay dry.

The other factors are weight and durability. You should know that it does not have to be waterproof. Let’s discuss the fabric details, quality.

The Shell Fabrics

The shell fabrics include the Taffeta, the Nylon, and Polyester. These shell fabrics are the most common ones to be used for sleeping bags. The reason behind it is that they are very less weight and still really good quality.

  1. Polyester sleeping bags

I remember once I was traveling to hilly areas, where it was too cold to bear. I carried the polyester sleeping bags with me, it kept me warm and it was not heavy at all. My experience with the polyester made sleeping bag was excellent, but on the other hand, it is said about these fabrics that they are least durable. If you have to use them only for the purpose of occasional trips then they are the best.

They do not cost you much, and also they are breathable which keeps them dry enough to deal with the moist weather.

  1. Ripstop sleeping bags

The Ripstop fabric is basically polyester or nylon. The making of these sleeping bags in which this material is used is done by reinforcing it with heavy threads. These threads make them more durable, which keep it better with breathability.

My only concern when I am traveling to faraway places is to choose the sleeping bags that can avoid the moisture.

For that, I have experienced that the material like Dry loft is the best.

These kinds of materials give the most protection from the moisture and all. Whenever you go on a long trip especially in the season of monsoon then it is suggested to choose the sleeping bags that are made of these materials.

There are other options for you as well that come with the water repellent material finish.

If you are an adventurer and want the durable and severe condition friendly sleeping bag then you should buy the ones in which Dryloft is been used.

The Lining Fabrics

When it comes to lining I would always prefer something that is smooth enough because it really matters. The reason why I always look for smooth lining sleeping bags is because this helps them not to be catching on clothes.

Also, one should always choose something that does not trap a lot of heat. When I traveled and slept in a sleeping bag I realized that I sleep in the exact same position for hours because it was not so easy to change sides.

Due to which I felt that too much trapping of heat happened. This was really uncomfortable for me; this is why it is suggested to go for comfortable and durable fabric choices for the lining.

  1. Polyester and Nylon for Lining

As I have already mentioned that these are the materials that are budget friendly and are very lightweight. The other benefits are that it allows breathability and they are very soft even if your skin is sensitive. In these options, Taffeta is the most suggested one because it is the highest quality material.

  1. Polycotton For The Lining:

It is no doubt one of the most comfortable materials when it comes in contact with your skin. My experience with the polycotton is that I have noticed that they take really long to get dry. So, if you wash them at night and have to use them by morning, this is not possible especially when you are traveling to cooler climates. I highly recommend this in the season of summer or spring.

  1. Silk Material

You will always notice that the most expensive sleeping bag will have the lining made up of silk. It is no doubt the luxurious looking material with all the benefits like durability, breathability, and softness. One should keep that in mind that along with that it is the vulnerable material.

In Conclusion

It is recommended for you to use the polyester and Dry loft sleeping bags while you are traveling to long routes. For the purpose of indoor use, the silk and polycotton work the best. I must say that traveling is incomplete without a sleeping bag; it is the best travel partner.

When it comes to indoor use you can go for silk options because they look beautiful and are comfortable. One should not think anything above, comfort. Sleeping bags work the best for you when you and your family plan a trip together. You should choose the quality by keeping all the pros and cons of the fabric quality in mind.