Pack and Store A Sleeping Bag. This Is Why I Have More Space

If you like camping but you don’t know how to pack and store a sleeping bag correctly then this article will teach you exactly that.

I frequently go camping so I don’t have to worry about its packing and storage because I know that I’ll need it again in a few days’ time.

There are some tips, techniques, and correct ways of packing and storing a sleeping bag which should be precisely followed otherwise the bag might get damaged or destroyed due to the lack of knowledge.

I will present to you a complete guide for how to pack and store a sleeping bag that ensures its safety and long life.

Different Techniques For Storing a Sleeping Bag

Below are mentioned some of the techniques for storing properly a sleeping bag which I’ve found to be useful in my years of camping experience and that I’ve been following throughout my camping trips.

  1. Hang it from some hooks

In order to store a sleeping bag for maintaining its durability, the first option that you choose is to hang it.

There are attached loops installed in most of the good quality sleeping bags which are there for your convenience of hanging them up in the storeroom or a large-sized wardrobe, whatever suits you the best.

  1. Store without folding on a shelf

The other option is to store it without folding or simply fold it into two or four parts and put it on a shelf in your storeroom.

This storage method requires a lot of space so if you have any then definitely go for it.

I personally do not prefer this idea because I don’t have that much space in our house.

  1. Use a cotton sack

A cotton sack can either be handmade or bought online from retailers who sell camping stuff.

You can use an old pillow cover to store your sleeping bag. The improvised sack should be large enough for the sleeping bag to fit in easily. Be sure not to compress it.

  1. A large plastic container

A large plastic container with a cover can also be used for storing a sleeping bag.

Plastic is a suitable material for storing things because it does not allow air and moisture to enter inside and to damage your bag.

That said, I would suggest that when you place the bag inside the container be sure it is completely dry.

Sleeping Bag Storage: Dos and Don’ts

  • Store the sleeping bag in a dry place.
  • Do not ever compress it when your store it. It is ok to compress the bag just for travel purposes but not for storage.
  • Make sure that the storage place is free of insects and moisture.
  • Wash and dry the bag before storing it for the next use.
  • Try to keep it loose while storing for a longer period of time.

I usually choose the ‘Hook it up’ option for storing my sleeping bags, but the others are also suitable and friendly maintaining its long life.

What Are Compression Sacks For Sleeping Bags

A compression sack is a bag constructed from nylon or other similar material. Fill it with your clothing, pull the straps and it will compress your belongings. In this way, you will have more space in your backpack.

Having more space at your disposal will leave room to take a lot of stuff with you.

In particular, a sleeping bag is something that requires a good amount of space. Putting it in a compression sack it will reduce that need for space. My sleeping bag came with a compression sack already (click the link to see what sleeping bag I’m using for camping and the complete list of must-have accessories)

I’m thinking right now when I write this article why I don’t organize all my stuff, or at least clothing, in compressions sacks.

It’s a good idea to have some sacks around because they are extremely useful. They will save you space and will make your life much easier.

Tips For Tightly Packing a Sleeping Bag

  • Widely spread the bag on the floor or any straight surface to have a quick understanding of the bag’s actual size.
  • Press the bag evenly from each side to ensure that there is no air left inside it; otherwise, it will take a relatively larger packing space.
  • Start rolling the bag from below or the lower side because this way it helps in packing it tightly.
  • Put your foot or leg on the bag once you’ve folded it completely to make sure that it doesn’t lose the folds before you seal it with a string or a rope.
  • Put the bag in its sack or directly into your backpack. If you use a compression sack pull the straps until all the air is out.

How To Roll a Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mummy sleeping bags are wider on the upper side and narrow on the lower side. They resemble an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus where a mummy was placed, hence the name.

Rolling a mummy sleeping bag is not difficult but it requires a bit of technique for perfect packing.

  1. Zip it.
  2. Lay the bag on a flat surface.
  3. Fold it in half lengthwise and its sure is properly aligned.
  4. Roll the bag tightly starting from the bottom.
  5. Be sure to roll it straight.
  6. Put your knee on it after your final roll and secure it with a strap or a paracord.
  7. Place it in your compression sack or directly into the backpack.

Pack the Sleeping Bag In A Small Backpack

  • You can make use of the bag’s original sack for keeping in the bag pack because it is smaller in size.
  • You can also pack it by folding in half first and then tightly rolling it.
  • The best option is to use a compression bag and hang it from your backpack. Use the straps of your compression sack and the ones attached to the backpack.

That said, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and techniques for storing and packing a sleeping.

Storing a bag correctly it will increase its life. Packing it correctly it will minimize the space in your luggage. Don’t worry packing it efficiently comes with a couple of tries. Next time you will pack it better.