It Is Safe to Camp Alone? Benefits of Solo Camping

Photo by Kitty Terwolbeck / CC BY

Camping is a fun activity that serves several other purposes as well such as peace of mind and stress management. Some people do camping because they feel the need for it and others do it as a passion in their life.

So, is solo camping safe or weird? Camping alone can be safe and it is not weird at all. Camping by yourself can help you to “recharge your batteries”, gather your thoughts and have fun in the process. There are also some people that are going alone and practice bushcraft: they are making shelters, learn how to light the fire and so on.

Gathering together your friends for an event or a picnic is too tiring and frustrating and that is not news anymore. People who can’t wait for their friends to get free decide on going on a solo trip.

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Camping alone in the wilderness is also done by choice. A lot of the campers believe in exploring nature and its serene beauty, alone without any disturbances.

Talking about solo camping safety, people especially women are no longer hesitant in going for it. Because of the awareness and the use of technology that helps in keeping you in contact with the world.

However, men and women both need to consider some essential points in mind for going outdoors alone in the wilderness for very obvious reasons. This is why the debate has transformed into whether you should go camping alone to what measures should be taken for safety.

That being said, experienced campers go will alone without giving it a second thought. The beginners especially youngsters are a bit hesitant considering the risk factors attached to it.

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What Are The Benefits For Camping Alone?

Solo camping is done by choice by people who are least interested in its possible risk factors and don’t care for it either.

It is a pleasure in itself to go somewhere alone at a place that is surrounded by nature and you get your own personal time to think about stuff that you’re probably unable to do in the fast and hectic life.

See below 10 benefits if you will go camping by yourself:

  1. It allows you to think deeply about life and its situations.
  2. It supports the idea of personal growth and development by being able to relax in a soothing place.
  3. It helps in pondering some relationships or health issues and ways to deal with it.
  4. It makes you appreciate nature. That is something you don’t do quite often.
  5. It also makes you courageous for taking bold steps in life for the betterment without thinking about its drawbacks.
  6. It makes you independent of the fact that you can plan and execute a camping trip all by yourself.
  7. The vulnerable facts and effects fail to stop you from pursuing your dream of camping alone which you truly deserve.
  8. It allows you to expand your travel diaries without any limits, fears, and worries.
  9. It omits the fear factor from your life which people had been imposing on you without any specific reasons.
  10. It helps in making fond memories that only you are aware of.

Tips To Stay Safe When Camping Alone

Your safety cannot be neglected for whatever reasons. Courage, boldness, and freedom are one-sided and other facts related to camping alone in the wilderness must also be considered to keep it all safe and secure.

Bellow, I will present to you some useful tips and techniques which are helpful for solo camping:

1. Picking The Right Campsite

Choosing the right campsite for overnight camping is the most important factor in making it safe or dangerous. Bravery does not mean taking unnecessary risks that involve dangerous activities.

You cannot choose a spot in the forest for camping which is known to have wild animals in it. If this happens then you cannot probably sleep the whole night due to the fear of being attacked.

2. Proper Setup Your Camp

Proper setup of the camp, whether it in your car or the tent, makes a lot of the difference in keeping it safe for a secure night.

People who are frequent lonely campers have been known to have chosen special tents and camps for their stay which ensures a secure living for the night. This way, you can sleep peacefully and not worry about the dangerous surroundings.

3. Inform Your Friends or Family

Not informing others is the silliest thing to do while camping alone in the wilderness. When you don’t inform others about your plans and whereabouts then you are inviting the uncertain circumstances to knock your door.

Let your friends and family know where are you going and for what purpose, this way it will be easier to track your location in case of any wrong happening.

4. Gear Yourself With The Right Equipment

So, what do I need for a solitary camping trip? Gearing yourself with the right equipment for solo camping safety is as important as making it possible. Extra lights, fuel for the car, first-aid kit, and comfortable bedding are some of the important stuff that you should have to ensure a night of safe and comfortable sleep for the night.

Campers who don’t pay heed to grab all these things regret later. They will experience disturbed sleep throughout the night due to the improper camping setup and equipment.

5. Stay Sober All The Time

Alcohol makes you feel extra dizzy and also doesn’t let you remain in your senses. This is a negative signal for your safety. If your senses are not sharp you wouldn’t be able to get up to the weird noises and any other alarming sign such as someone stealing your stuff.

This might sound unrealistic but as much as we like to deny this fact but the truth remains the same. Unaccompanied night camping can be turned into a nightmare if the instructions are not properly followed.

Solo wilderness camping is more than just entertainment. It can be made a meditation method by breathing in the fresh air and observing the serene without being disturbed. Leave behind the unwanted debates, discussions, and interference from friends and family.

Go camping alone, it is super fun and relaxing!