Do You Put Your Sleeping Pad Inside Your Sleeping Bag?

Lots of people often have a problem when rolling off their sleeping pads. The best solution that some campers swear by is putting the sleeping inside the sleeping bag. The sleeping pad has also the effect of filling up an empty space in the sleeping bag, so you trap a lot of heat.

A sleeping pad is made to lay underneath a sleeping bag. It may be placed inside the sleeping bag to keep the sleeping pad under your body. But, the sleeping bag should be big enough to accommodate it and you also lose some sleeping pad’s insulation properties. With this in mind, what should you do? 

Well, knowing why you should or not place a sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag would save you the hassle, time, as well as possible sleep discomfort. The majority of users would claim inflatable sleeping pads are more comfortable than the foam pads. 

Why Put Your Sleeping Pad in the Sleeping Bag?

  • A sleeping pad can be especially hard to work with while hammocking. Putting the sleeping pad inside the sleeping bag while in a hammock makes it simpler to stay on the pad’s top.
  • A sleeping pad, particularly foam pads, tends to scrunch up at the ends and you will find yourself with only a tent floor between the ground and your body. Once you put the sleeping pad inside the sleeping bag, it will move right along with your sleeping bag and you will not need more cold spots. 
  • Since a sleeping pad tends to migrate while you sleep on them, you may put the sleeping pad in your sleeping bag to keep your sleeping pad from moving around.

Why You Should NOT Put the Sleeping Pad in the Sleeping Bag?

  • A lot of known sleeping pads that are made by manufacturers are made to be very comfortable and wider than other brands. With such options, there is a good chance your sleeping pad will not fit in your sleeping bag.
  • A primary purpose of sleeping pads is insulating you from the ground. A sleeping bag is not great in insulating you from the ground. Aside from that, the bottom of your sleeping bag would compress. Putting a sleeping pad in your sleeping bag means that the sleeping pad isn’t insulating the sleeping bag’s bottom that might mean that your sleeping bag won’t stay warm.

If you want to know if you can put your sleeping pad in your sleeping bag, try to experiment. You don’t need to buy the most expensive ones. Just choose a good quality sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

There are times that a sleeping pad can be too long for a sleeping bag, but it can be a good thing for others as it may work as a pillow or neck support once you do it right.

If your sleeping bag is tapered, your sleeping pad will not get down to your toes, which is not a big deal for some since it is your trunk that requires most insulation. If you are serious about it, you may cut your sleeping pad to your sleeping bag so it may fit perfectly. 

Kind of Sleeping Pad That You Can Put Inside a Sleeping Bag

You probably do not prefer a sleeping pad that gets rigid after you inflate it. Other models do this, but the manufacturing of the sleeping pads is improving every year to help provide the campers of all kinds with the perfect pad for comfort.

See to it that the pad contours on the bottom and top to the shape of your sleeping bag. Having a tapered or rounded pad would help it fit much easier once the ends are squared.

Other features that you may consider outside the shape are as follows:

  • Antimicrobial treatments are a great way to avoid the microorganism from growing on and in your pad. You do not like a pad that is stinky regardless of how often you wipe it.
  • Heat reflective technology is a good feature. The outside temperature will not quickly influence the temperature transferred to the sleeping bag.
  • Choose a sleeping pad with a quilted top. Any extra cushion would help boost your comfort and whenever you are camping, you would want as much comfort as possible.

The bottom line is that the best sleeping pad may depend on your unique needs. If you have the money, purchase the best and you’ll surely never regret your decision.

High-quality sleeping pads are always worth it. With that said, you may buy cheap foam pads at the local sporting goods store and it’s much better than nothing.

Increasing the Warmth of Your Sleeping Bag

If you prefer car camping and you want to increase warmth in your sleeping bag by putting a sleeping pad in it, here are some of the tips you can consider:

  • Heating packs for feet or hands are a great way to add more warmth. You should place one at your feet for hours. Depending on your preferred brand, you can wrap it with a light cloth if you don’t want to wear socks, so you do not feel like you are burning your feet.
  • Try to wear thermal underwear. Rather than adding some pieces of equipment to the mix, why not wear your warmest underwear.
  • Consider using a sleeping bag thermal liner. They’re a good way to boost the warmth in the bag and can keep the bag much cleaner as well as make it last longer.

The Bottom Line

Whether you use a sleeping pad in your sleeping bag, you should always keep those important things in mind when making your decision.

No matter which way you like to go, you can’t argue that owning a sleeping pad is a perfect idea, whether it’s an inflatable pad or foam. These days, there are lots of options. All you have to do is to shop around to find the best one that suits your unique needs.