Do I Need a Sleeping Bag Liner? All the Information You Want!

Photo by Mitch Barrie / CC BY-SA 2.0

Camping is not a just a hobby but one of the most effective ways to deal with mental stress and attaining peace of mind.

The relaxation that you get while camping in the woods or other natural spots is incomparable to any other therapy or counseling.

People who are frequent campers are supposed to have a more calm and composed personality than others who do not like to travel and get exposed to nature.

That said, camping can be made even easier and fun by using some regular essentials that are specially designed to serve the same purpose.

Why You Should Have a Sleeping Bag Liner While Camping

One of the most things to carry while camping is a sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag is similar to bedding that is portable and easy to carry.

However, due to the obvious facts that camping is done in nature that directly expose the sleeping bag to dirt, insects, and other creepy things, we need something that acts as a protective shield for the bag.

Washing a sleeping bag can cause inconvenience for us, the campers. For this purpose, sleeping bag liners have been invented.

bag liner purpose is to protect your sleeping bag from body perspiration, mud, dirt, insects and so on.

What Is a Sleeping Bag Liner?

A sleeping bag liner serves the exact same purpose as that of a bed sheet.

It protects your sleeping bag from your body sweat, dirt and other nasty.

A sleeping bag liner is soft and comes in different sizes and shapes.

It is also not very expensive and is considered to be one of the must-haves by the regular campers.

It is quite inconvenient or even impossible for you to sleep on a bed without a sheet for days or months, hence, the need for a sleeping bag liner.

Also, a sleeping bag is difficult to wash frequently because of its heaviness and material. If you want to find out more about how to wash a sleeping bag check it out this article I wrote.

A sleeping bag liner can be used as a shield for your bag which is portable, lightweight, and extremely easy to wash, either in the machine or by hand. 

Why Do I Need a Sleeping Bag Liner?

As mentioned above, the purpose of a sleeping bag liner is to make camping convenient and less tiring.

Still, a lot of the campers fail to understand the benefits that a sleeping bag liner provides. This is because of the lack of knowledge and experience which leads to a not so good camping adventure.

The need for a sleeping bag liner can be summed up by listing down its benefits which will help in realizing its true worth and also prove to be favorable for every camper who’s looking for a relaxing and comforting sleeping support in nature.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. It prevents dirt and other sources of discomfort

A sleeping bag liner is totally worth the money spent because of its fundamental purpose of protecting the sleeping bag from dirt and insects.

  1. It increases insulation in the sleeping bag

A sleeping bag liner increases the insulation in the sleeping bag especially in winters or if you’re camping on snow.

The amount of the warmth that it gives to the sleeping bag cannot be getting with other things such as a hot water bag or socks etc.

It helps in keeping the bag warm which makes you sleep comfortably with the right amount of the heat that is essential for a good night’s sleep.

  1. It absorbs sweat and body odor before reaching the bag

The material or the fabric of the sleeping bag liner is super absorbent that is capable of absorbing sweat and body odor from reaching the bag.

No matter how cold the weather is, our bodies sweat for the obvious reasons and therefore, it is important to prevent it from touching the bag because then it would be necessary to wash it for the next time use.

  1. It is supremely hygienic

A sleeping bag liner is super hygienic when it comes to camping in nature with no possible means of creating a disinfected surrounding.

Therefore, it is advised and suggested to use a sleeping bag liner for your sleeping bag while camping or traveling to make it convenient, less tiring and frustrating for your quality time spent for seeking obvious pleasure.

There are numerous types of bag liners which can be diversified into size, shape and material or fabric.

What Are Sleeping Bag Liners Made Of

  1. Cotton

Cotton liners are designed for an effective and purposeful use for traveling.

However, its heavyweight and pack size are the only side effects which make their usage inconvenient.

Cotton gives warmth and exceptional comfort for your skin and it is natural.

  1. Silk

Silk liners are the most used ones by the professional hikers and also travelers who want to carry minimum weight with them with the liner serving all the necessary purposes.

Silk liners are soft, easy to pack and lightweight.

I recommend this kind of liners not only because of their packed size and weight but also because they are quick to wash and dry.

  1. Fleece

Fleece liners can only be used on snow which is preferably not a good investment for a long-term use.

Fleece is bulky and heavy and some people don’t like the sensation on their skin. 

The Size and Shape of Bag Liners

  1. The Rectangular shape that is also the standard size of the liner.
  2. Mummy shape that is wide from above and narrow from the foot.
  3. The Hooded liner is for those who wish to keep their head covered.
  4. Traveler liner has a pillow instilled in the liner for the user’s comfort.
  5. The Double liner is for those who wish to sleep together in the sleeping bag.

So should I opt for a sleeping bag liner or not?

The question has been very clearly answered above by mentioning its benefits with the help of its possible uses and types that serve each individual’s needs accordingly. If you are curious about what I take with me in my backpack when I go camping go check this post.

However, the only advice left to give is to properly inspect the liner before buying it to confirm that it is the most appropriate one for your traveling needs.