Are Mummy Sleeping Bags Comfortable?

Are Mummy Sleeping Bags Comfortable

The short answer to this question is yes, they are.

Mummy bags can be both comfortable and uncomfortable depending on the knowledge you have on how to make the best use out of it.

Like I said earlier, for me I’ll say they are very comfortable because I have adequate knowledge on how to make the best use of it.

For those of us that don’t know what a “sleeping bag” is, sleeping bags are lightweight quilts that are being closed with zips that act as an insulated covering for people.

Mostly used by those sleeping outdoors like campers, hikers, and climbers because of its lightweight and bedding portability.

Its main purpose is to offer warmth through its down or synthetic insulation.

There are different types of sleeping bag models manufactured for various uses and purposes.

Calmly insulated sleeping bags, for example, are designed mostly for use in summer camping or for use by children during indoor slumber parties.

Fully-insulated bags were designed for use during cold weather to keep the body warm.

The majority of fully-insulated and frivolous sleeping bags, made specifically for serious hikers and adventurers cost more than lightly insulated sleeping bags.

There is one bag known as the mummy bag, it was called this because it is equipped with an insulated hood for the head.

A mummy bag which got its name because of its shape is different from other sleeping bags for some important reasons which include the fact that it shrinks from the head end to the foot end, this tends to reduce its volume and surface area, and this is a power-up for the heat retention properties of the bag.

Most mummy bags are unable to unzip completely towards the feet, due to the weakness of the zipper.

This feature assists in the protection of the feet, which tends to lose heat faster than other parts of the body. It also has a drawstring feature which comes with a cord lock positioned at the head end to make it difficult for warm air to escape.

Based on my own observation these are my reasons for saying mummy sleeping bags are much more comfortable.

Sleeping Bag Warmth

When it comes to sleeping bags that provide warmth, mummy sleeping bag is the preferred choice as it provides more warmth than other sleeping bags in the sense that it is very resourceful when used during cold temperatures.

Just the nose and mouth region of the sleeper will be exposed to the outside if the sleeping bag is closed fully and properly.

Mummy bag has a form-fitting nature which helps to increase its insulation qualities by dropping the amount of air that can be found around the body, in order to maintain a constant temperature.


Mummy bags are very easy to move around compared to other sleeping bags.

It is most recommended for backpackers. Mummy bags are meant to be packed into stuff sacks, which are usually supplied with the bag.

Slide the main zipper of the bag about three-quarters open, then stuff it into the sack.

If your bag is down, keep it away from liquids and protect it in a waterproof bag (or garbage bag in a pinch) if it rains.

There are few things you need to do to ensure that you are comfortable in your mummy sleeping bags and they include:

Care for Sleeping Bags

Proper Care for your sleeping bags can provide you with all the comfort you need.

Sleeping bags should be stored dry and loose, not in the stuff sack. They also need to be washed periodically, preferably by hand, with mild soap or specially formulated sleeping bag wash.

Help keep the bag clean on the outside by using a clean pad and on the inside by wearing extra layers to bed or by using a sleeping bag liner.

Note that both of these options will add to the warmth rating of the bag.

Purchase the Right Size of Sleeping Bag

The right size of sleeping bag can give you the amount of comfort you need as it can play a great role.

The right side of a sleeping bag for you is one in which you fit in very well.

A sleeping bag that has an extremely large extra space is not ideal.

This is because the extra space will need to be heated and this will cause your body to take too long to heat up.

Dress Right

Due to the amount of cold, you might be tempted to wear a lot of clothes but it’s not advisable as wearing a lot of clothes can make the sleeping bag very uncomfortable for you and you might hardly fit into the sleeping bags.

The tighter the bag is, the more it compresses the insulation in the sleeping bag and the insulation is responsible for keeping you warm. I’ll advise you to wear a beanie and socks.

Choose the Right Ground to Set Up Your Camp

This is a major determinant as to how comfortable you will be at the ground on which you set your campsite plays a great role. When setting camp-sites, choose ground that has lots of grass.

On a night when it is extremely cold, pile up some dead leaves then pitch your tent on top of them.

This will help in warming your sleeping bag. Avoid pitching your tent in an area with high grasses.

This may freak you out totally when you are woken up by some snakes slithering beneath your sleeping bag.

In conclusion, the mummy sleeping bags are comfortable but it also important that you dress right, choose a good campsite and other stuff.