How to Increase Sleeping Bag Warmth

How to Increase Sleeping Bag Warmth

Once winter sets in a lot of people begin to get their camping gears ready, but for some that don’t know what to do about the cold that comes with staying out during winter, they tend to forfeit the winter camping and prefer to stay indoors.

In this article, I will be giving you few tips on how to keep yourself warm in your sleeping bag so u no longer have to be scared of the cold.

The tips include:

Get the Right Size of a Sleeping Bag

While going for camping there are certain things you need to get to make it a pleasurable one such as your camping gear in which your sleeping bag is part of.

While purchasing your sleeping bags it is very important that you get a sleeping bag of your size, a sleeping that fits it must not be too big and it must not be too small.

If it’s too big you will have a lot of space and you might need to heat up those places to feel warm and it might take a lot of time and if it’s too small you might compress the insulation and that is what is responsible for generating heat in your sleeping bag so it’s very important you get the right size if sleeping bag.

Eat Right

While camping it is very important that you eat right especially before going to bed and in this aspect I’ll advise that you add energy bars to your list of food for camping.

Eating some energy bars before going to bed tends to provide your body with enough fuel to keep you warm all night because when everywhere is cold our bodies tend to use a lot of energy to digest food so the energy that is being produced is very essential as it produces heat that will keep you warm all night.

Also while camping, avoid sleeping on an empty stomach as you will tossing and turning due to the chilly feeling and it can make you very uncomfortable.

Dress Right

While camping it us very important that you dress right especially before going to bed.

Due to the cold, you might be tempted to wear layers of clothes but it’s not advisable.

Wearing a lot of clothes will make your sleeping bag very tight and in the process, you get to compress the insulation and the insulation helps to keep you warm.

So wear outfits that can make you fit into your sleeping bags well.

I’ll advise you to wear a beanie and socks because when its extremely cold your legs tend to get cold first.

This is because blood is taken from the extreme body parts to aid in retaining warmth at the vital organs of the body.

Wearing socks as you sleep in your sleeping bag will help eliminate the possibility of this happening since blood will flow to all body parts, inclusive of the extremities hence you will have a sound sleep

Boil Your Way to Warmth

Another way to keep yourself warm is by boiling your way to it.

While getting your camping gears also get lexan bottles that you can use to store the boiled water and the number of lean bottles you need to get will be based on how cold the place you are camping will be.

For extremely cold places you might need to get more bottle than usual.

You can store the bottles in socks to avoid getting burnt by the bottle and in the process, your hands get warm and you can also put some of the bottles at your feet because you can hardly sleep with cold feet.

Wear Thermals

In case you are wondering what a thermal is, a thermal is one of the warmest set of pajamas out there.

While camping out in extremely cold conditions acquiring a thermal can be a very big advantage to you because they help to trap warmth right against your skin.

Approximately one hour before you go to sleep in your sleeping bag, wear your thermals to get them warm enough for the night.

Shere a Tent

Camping tends to be more fun if you are going with two or more people apart from the fact that everybody will be having fun and all it also help at night.

With two or more people in a tent, more heat will be generated and since you are in the tent the heat tends to be trapped and everybody gets to be warm and cozy all night long.

So when next you are going camping consider going with your squad or a few friends.

Extra Blankets

Warmth is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear blankets and that’s why they are essentials for your camping.

The extra blankets you take for your camping expeditions can be put to good use.

If you take one blanket instead of placing it on top I’ll advise you place it below your sleeping pad as it will serve better there but if you have two then you can place one beneath and above you and doubt you will feel the cold at all.


Choosing the right campsite can be a total game changer when it comes to having a wonderful camping experience.

It goes a long way to telling how warm you will be in your sleeping bag.

While choosing a camping site go for sites with grasses and leaves.

For a night with an extreme cold you can gather some dead leaves and pitch your tent on top of it, it helps to keep you warm at night.

While pitching your tents on grasses avoid areas with high grasses to avoid waking up to snakes slithering around your sleeping bags as this may totally freak you out.

With these tips, you have nothing to be scared of while camping during the winter as proper use of these tips can ensure that you have a pleasurable experience.