My Favorite Camping Cooler Of All Time: YETI Roadie 20

As a real camping fan, I want to have all the best possible equipment. I am the person who loves to have everything prepared and well organized when camping. I always pick the place where I go camping and choose to be completely aware of all goods I carry with me.

Food and beverages are very important to be fresh during the days when you go camping in the deep nature.

That is why I choose YETI Roadie 20, the camping cooler I can recommend to everyone who likes to go camping. First thing first, before reading this article, go and check the current price on for this awesome camping cooler. 

What Makes YETI Roadie 20 So Good?

This camping cooler is making my journey every time. Very comfortable with packing the ice and other goods, it will serve you for days. Bringing this camping cooler would be excellent if you don’t have a cooler inside your camping vehicle. This will save your needs for having the fresh prepared meals and ice for cold drinks.

Cheer with your friends without worrying that you will not have enough ice.

I highly recommend this camping cooler to the families who go camping and have little children. This will keep the components for the baby lunch fresh and will save the freshness for quite a long time.

Yeti Roadie 20 Price on

Specifications For Roadie 20 Camping Cooler

The US made cooler is fabricated of the finest and quality materials that will last for years. The fact that people use it for making the water kayaks can say that this camping cooler will follow you on the many roads.

The Rotomolded Polyethene guarantee not just the durability, but the strength on outside conditions, weather, and possible damages.

The whole package is designed so that you can see the strength of this cooler. The walls are made in the resistance system of FattWall design, which means that it is even resistant to the touch of bears.

The PermaFrost Insolation on the walls is proven function for keeping the ice as much as you need. The insulation layer is only 3 inches thick but has a big function for the final use of the cooler.

I guess that producer is paying an enormous attention to the needs of the most demanding users, just like I was. I wasn’t expecting much after seeing the commercial.

But, on the other hand, investment into the Roadie 20 is one of a lifetime. The philosophy of making the consumers happy is seen in every inch of the cooler.

I did notice that I was carrying it once in the trunk of the car and took through the village roads. When I opened the trunk after drive, the Roadie was completely undamaged and new. I put also some heavy stuff inside together with the cooler. The cans I put in the cooler were still fresh.

The size of the YETI Roadie 20 camping cooler is an ideal one, 18 and a half inches in length, 13 5/8 in wide and 14 3/8 high. Enough to take it everywhere with you. You can put it in every car or RV.

You can put even 14 cans into the Roadie 20 camping cooler, but keep the formula of 2:1. That means that you should arrange that the amount of the ice stay twice bigger when comparing to the content you store into the cooler. The maximal capacity is equivalent to 20 pounds of ice or 14 cans of beverages.

The system on the lid makes the cooler well closed for a long time, without any chance to open if you drive through the curves on the road, even after the long time having it. The function of T-Rex lid is made as a guarantee that the lid will be closed as long as you want. The system is built with ColdLocks Gasket locks. This will also keep the inner temperature exactly low no matter on the outside degrees.

I was surprised how the technology of making YETI Roadie 20 camping cooler is excellent for every camper. This will hold the coldness for days.

The More I Use It, I am happier to have it

I can’t stop with the enthusiasm for how practical this Roadie is.

When I borrowed this cooler to my friends, they were equally satisfied and surprised how good this cooler is. They carried the cooler with them during excursions where everyone opened the lid all the time.

Super durable, this portable food saver really equipped them with the cold fresh drink during the whole way.

As a big fan not only of camping but all the possible activities in nature, I use every advantage of having this cooler. I am supplied with cold drinks or food anywhere I go. This really becomes my best friend in extreme situations.

Using Roadie 20 When Going To The Beach

Don’t limit the multifunction use of this amazing product. Take this cooler on the beach like I did.

Also, I took it with me during the mountain climbing or on the longer walking routes. We were equipped with the cold drinks or beer for days. This is especially important when you go to the extremely wild surrounding where you could be without the most basic goods, like water or food.

Bringing the cold cooler will save your normal functioning everywhere you are.

Having this cooler, really made all of my journeys. I use it almost every week and I’m super happy that I have it. I think its a must have for every camper out there and it makes all the money. You can check its current price on and have it in your favorite color.