Camping Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks that will make your life easier when you go camping.

How Do You Dry A Tent?

While tents are made to withstand the weather and water, there are cases when they do get wet. Ideally, you should not pack a tent that is wet or moist, as it can develop mold on its surface. This will lead to structural damage and an improper environment for you to rest. So, whether the …

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Can You Pitch A Tent In The Rain?

Pitching a tent in the rain is difficult, particularly if you don’t have prior experience. Aside from the inconvenience during the process, setting up your tent in this kind of weather condition could compromise ventilation. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pitch your tent in the rain. There are some tricks that can make …

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Can You Put A Tent Away Wet?

For many of us, when the weather begins to cool down, it’s time to pack away our camping gear for the year. There may be a few opportunities to break out the tent one more time, but for most of us, cooler weather means the tenting season is over for the year. But you don’t …

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