Beginners Camping

Guides and advice for nature enthusiasts. Sleeping in nature is a wonderful thing and it can make wonders for your health.

How Long Can A Tent Stay Wet?

Camping tents are made with delicate fabrics. Getting the highest value for your money from the tents demands insightfulness and tender care. At the center of these precautionary guidelines is the importance of maintaining camping tents dry. So, how long can a tent stay wet?  Generally, whether the tent will stay damp for a long …

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Can Dogs Sleep In Tents?

If your fur baby loves camping as much as you do, there are several things you have to know to ensure that your pet is safe and protected during your outdoor adventures. Probably many dog owners are asking themselves if their dogs can sleep in a tent. So, can dogs sleep in tents? Yes, dogs …

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Can I Leave My Dog In A Tent?

Going camping with your dog can be a loving, bonding experience. Most dogs love the outdoors and make fantastic companions as you explore nature. They are also comforting as you settle down for the night and they lovingly snuggle up with you. Where it gets complicated is if you decide to visit somewhere your dog …

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Can You Pitch A Tent Anywhere?

New campers will face a bevy of challenges in the woods. They don’t want to wait too long to pitch their tent. Inclement weather and other conditions may suddenly spur on some activity. They can brave the elements and still have a good time under the stars. Can you pitch a tent anywhere? That is …

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