Beginners Camping

Guides and advice for nature enthusiasts. Sleeping in nature is a wonderful thing and it can make wonders for your health.

How Do You Shower When Camping?

Camping is the time to create lifetime memories. It is the time to sit down around a campfire with your mates, family members, or even people you are meeting for the first time to associate and see life from another angle.  However, one thing usually goes unmentioned when preparing for camping—how you are going to …

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Can Puppies Go Camping?

A new puppy has joined your family and you are excited to take her outdoors and explore the wilderness with you. Having a furry companion you can play, camp, and hike with is one of the best things about being a dog owner.  But, can puppies even go camping? As long as your puppy is old …

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Why Does My Tent Get Wet Inside?

It happens to almost every camper—even the highly experienced ones. One night you will wake up to find your tent dripping from inside. Checking the seams, they are perfect. Checking your roof is not leaking. But, the drops continue. Do not worry. Whatever you are experiencing is a normal phenomenon that follows a basic law …

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