Can Dogs Camp In Cold Weather? Keep Your Dog Warm In Winter

While humans are not always eager to follow you or go camping with you whenever you feel like it, a dog will never say no. If you’re a dog owner, you know that nothing compares to camping with your most loyal friend.

Having your dog around in the wilderness gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. A dog can sense dangers before you even notice it and can warn you. Not to mention that it can keep wild animals at bay if the situation requires it.

But, even if it’s great to bring your dog along when camping, it is also an extra responsibility for you. You will have to provide for your dog, just like you did back home.

You must make sure the dog has sufficient food and clean water for drinking during your expedition. Also, you should keep it safe from heat or cold.

Speaking of cold, can dogs camp in cold weather? If you enjoy camping in the winter, for example, you should know a few things before deciding to take your dog as well. So, we will be covering this aspect in the lines that follow.

What kind of dog breed do you have?

Dogs are rather resilient when it comes to cold weather, but their degree of tolerance depends on certain factors. Dogs with long or thick coats can deal with the cold better than dogs with short coats.

Also, having a certain amount of body fat help as well. The dog’s general state of health and level of activity can also contribute to your pet’s resistance at lower temperatures.

So, you need to take all these into account when preparing your pooch for an outdoor experience in cold weather. Pack some extra layers for the dog as well, just in case you will need them.

The weather can go bad fairly quickly and you need to be ready to face anything.

The air’s temperature can drop in a significant manner, in particular during the night, so you need to be able to take all the measures necessary to keep your dog safe.

If your dog is used to living indoors most of its time, it will find it hard to cope with the cold. Thus, leaving the dog to sleep outside the tent may not be an option. 

Maintain the dog’s body temperature

When camping in winter weather, it is recommended to go to bed while your body temperature is still high. Some good old physical exercises or a walk will solve this matter.

This way, you can hit the sack when warm enough. The same rules apply in the case of your dog. Keep your dog active so that its body will produce sufficient heat.

Running around will definitely do this while giving your dog the chance to rest well at night. Just make sure it eats a proper amount of food so that its body has sufficient fuel to generate heat.

Short-coated dogs should enjoy extra protection

As humans, we use several layers of protective clothing when camping outdoors in the winter. If required, our dogs should enjoy the same kind of protection.

Short-coated dogs, in particular, are more exposed to low temperatures and bad weather. If they are not on the move, they can get cold and hypothermia is a risk for dogs as well.

To make sure your dog is well protected no matter how the weather will turn, an extra layer would be a good option. In case the weather is not that bad, you can put the layer in your backpack.

But, if it is needed, the extra layer will keep your dog safe, so you can make the most of your adventure. Of course, extra layers can be used for dogs of all kinds, especially during the night when it can get very cold.

Keep the dog from getting its coat wet

Ideally, your dog’s coat should not get wet. When the coat is wet, it will get cold and fail at protecting your dog. Exposed to the cold with a wet coat, your dog’s body temperature will drop and its life can get in danger if you don’t dry it up as soon as possible.

If you know your dog loves water, do your best to keep it out of it. In case your dog gets wet, proceed at drying its coat immediately.

Use a towel to remove excess water from its coat and even consider starting a fire, so it gets dry fast. It’s worth knowing that putting a coat on the dog won’t do too much.

In fact, it can be worse, as it pushes the moisture toward the skin. Pay attention to streams and lakes with ice on top. Don’t let the dog walk on them, as you never know where the ice is thinner and could break.

You can snuggle up inside the tent

Dogs can be great sources of heat inside the tent, so it is definitely worth allowing them in. This way, the dog is safe from bad weather and you get to warm yourself up.

When preparing for an outdoor expedition, have your dog in mind as well and provide a warm and dry place for it. Dogs usually curl up when they sleep, so they won’t occupy too much space inside the tent.

You can use a special pad that can be placed on the tent’s floor. Thus, the dog will be protected from the cold ground throughout the night.

Having your dog with you when camping can be very comforting. You won’t feel alone and you know that you are safe at all times. Dogs are loyal creatures that will keep an eye on you and the surroundings around the clock.

Not to mention that they will never judge or question your decisions. But, at the same time, it is your duty to keep your dog safe. They are indeed resilient, but they won’t always make it without you.

Take good care of your dog and it will become one of the best camping partners you ever had.