Lighting Systems For Camping. You Will Never Fear Of The Dark

PHOTO BY mypubliclands / CC BY

Camping has been always a great fun experience for me especially when it comes to witnessing the beautiful view of the sunset.

Talking about lights, there are only a few campsites that have a lighting arrangement otherwise you’d have to bring your own lighting setup if you intend to stay overnight as well.

Camping lights have become quite accessible to everyone, thanks to the technology and online services.

There are loads of options available on the storefronts and online but not all of these variants are good for your camping setup. In order to make your camping adventure a memorable one, you have to know what kind of lights to pick or at least to have some knowledge of what options are out there.

I love night camping because it gives me the real feel of camping. I get to explore wild nature and the serene yet scary surroundings which is a thrill in itself if you ask me.

Not everyone will understand this until and unless you experience it yourself and for that, you’re going to need multiple campsite lights options to choose from that suit you and your camping demands.

How Important are Good Campsite Lights?

Lighting plays an important role in creating the desired liveliness in the environment and is the primary factor that will set the mood for everyone.

Camping is meant to be an enjoyable trip in which an individual or a group of people sit together, play games and in general, have some fun.

I’m a big-time night camping fan and I know how important it is to have the campsite loaded with the appropriate lighting that suits the environment the best.

If you want the ambiance to be dull and romantic then you can buy the campsite lights according to it and if you want it to be lively enough for a late night party on the campsite then go for the ones that serve this purpose.

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting Setup

When it comes to camping, my idea of a fun night is the bright lights that do not make you blind but at the same time are bright enough to lift up the pleasant mood.

That said, I believe everyone has different priorities, needs, and demands for the campsite lights and therefore, they should buy the lights according to the same.

Below are given some of the many options for campsite lighting from which you can select according to the personal preferences.

  1. Solar Lamps also known as Solar Lanterns:

Solar lamps are usually medium-sized that are neither too big nor small.

I find the solar lanterns ideal for the night camping as long as they’re durable to last the whole night or until needed. They can be charged in the daytime and can be easily used at night.

The solar lights come in different shapes and sizes, mostly in the form of a lantern.

  1. LED Lanterns:

A LED lantern is an outdoor portable lantern charged with normal batteries and sometimes it can be very bright. The LED lantern is one of the best options according to me because it is easy to charge, provide a reasonable amount of lighting, and also consume less energy than the conventional camping tent lighting systems.

  1. String Lights:

I personally love the string lights for nighttime camping because they can be used for numerous purposes. For example, it can be roped around the dinner table or a light bridge can be made between two points for allowing the light to spread while playing games or anything else.

They are not for everyone though. If you go camping with your friends I think it will make a nice addition to your camp and it will make the night more enjoyable.

If you go solo camping I don’t think is a good idea to carry this kind of equipment with you.

  1. Compact LED Lights:

Compact LED lights are mostly used by people who like to read in their tents or wish to take the light to the bathroom with them.

They are easy to handle, pack, and store in the backpack because of the small size but effective lighting.

  1. Classic Flashlights:

Flashlights might seem like an old idea but are still running successfully. People who want the lighting control in their hands prefer the flashlights which run with AA batteries.

I’m using a flashlight when I feel the need to explore the woods or look for something specific around or in the tents.

I don’t need to say that having a classic flashlight or a headlight is a must for everyone.

  1. LED Flood Lights:

Most people use LED flood lights by putting them on the backside of their cars due to which the whole campsite becomes bright and lightened.

I have had a successful experience with the LED flood lights because they were able to lighten up campsite without the need of using extra lights.

As with the string lights this kind of lighting system is not for everyone and not for every camp setup.

Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Lights

  • Size and weight:
    The size and the weight of should be appropriate according to your packaging and storage demands. If you want to travel light then one headlamp and a normal flashlight are enough. If you go camping with a large group of people and you have space then you can take with you some string lights and other kinds of lighting equipment.
  • Brightness modes:
    There should be multiple brightness modes in the lights to be able to adjust it according to the mood.
  • Power consumption:
    The power consumption should not be very high but reasonable so that you can depend on it for the rest of the night. Keep in mind to have on you some extra batteries for your classic flashlights. 
  • Color:
    The color of the lights should be chosen accordingly. String lights look great in yellow color while the flood and LED lights look good in white color. 
  • Quality:
    The lights should be of good quality and durable enough to rely on it for an uninterrupted camping experience. 
  • Economical:
    The campsite lights should be economical as well because I’m sure you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that you will not use on a daily to regular basis.

There are a lot of camping lighting systems or setups you can make and in the end, it comes to personal preference or the demand of your trip.

That being said the artificial light is useful and efficient but nothing is better than watching the stars without any lights.