Have Fun Going Camping With Your Dog. Practical Tips & Tricks

As summertime is around the corner, this means playtime and lots of fun is coming up.

If you are an extrovert, there is nothing better than taking a break from your mundane routine and step outdoors to explore some natural peace. Just make your tent ready and you are all good to go.

But wait! If you are planning to go for a family camping then your beloved dog must be coming along, right? This season is perfect to go on camping with your best friend.

But before, you hit the road I have rounded up a set of very important tips and pieces of advice for you. For a happy and enjoyable camping experience with your dog consider these ideas.

Let’s Get Started With Some Tips and Tricks Before You Go Camping

Whether you are for the first time camping with your dog or you are a pro camper, these little reminders and tips are going to benefit you greatly.

I am sharing these tips based on my personal experience of an enjoyable camping with my dog. Experiencing and exploring the nature, with your companion is really a rewarding experience but, you have to keep in mind some practical tips to avoid any problem.

Are You First Time Camping With Your Animal? Give It a Try In Your Backyard First

If your beloved dog is not used to of sleeping outdoors in a tent or hammock, this new experience could be quite nerve-wracking for your pet.

Usually, if he or she sleeps indoor then he or she is used to of sleeping in a very calm and quiet known place.
So, I suggest you make your dog familiar with the whole setup, your tent or hammock if you are planning to go outdoors with him.

Before, actually taking your dog for camping, set up your tent, sleeping bag and try sleeping under the starry sky with him beside you.

Read this article from SimpleTenting.com if you don’t know what kind of tent is the best for you and your dog.

Get a Chance to Judge Your Dog

Trust me; camping in your backyard first will give you a chance to judge your dog’s behavior. In case the dog feels uncomfortable in this new outdoor setup, you will be just a few steps away from your home.

So you can do something to handle the situation here, instead of getting your pup freaked out in your first-time experience quite far away from your home.

Search Some Dog-Friendly Camping Sites

I advise you do some location search if you are first time camping with your pet.

There are many campsites which allow the campers to bring their pets along, but there are many campsites which will not welcome you with your dog.

It’s always better to do some research if you have this adventurous camping trip with your animal on your mind. Some campsites have leash laws as well. So, go through them as well.

Consult Your Vet Before You Hit The Road With Your Dog

I am sure your dog’s health is of primary importance to you. So, if you are done with selecting a dog-friendly campsite, you to must pay a visit to your vet.

You have to make sure your dog’s tick and flea medication is proper and up to date. Ask your doctor, if he recommends your pet to accompany you on your camping adventure.

Keep in mind, a tick bite can cause many health complications for your dog, so better to keep that tick medication with you.

Don’t Forget To Carry a First Aid Kit With You

Yes, this is the real million dollar tip I can give you. As nature is unpredictable, so is your tail-wagger. But it’s extremely important for you to stay prepared for everything. Besides the first aid kit, there are other must-have camping items (link to my must-have camping list) that everyone has to carry in the backpack.

How to Arrange Your Pet-Specific Emergency Kit

You can make your own pet-specific emergency/first aid kit or you can get it easily from any store as well. I can suggest you some items you must carry in your first aid kit.

  • A bandana in case your pup is aggressive or he or she was injured and wants to lick its wounds
  • To protect him from a tick bite, carry some mineral oil and flat blade tweezers for tick removal
  • Carry a thermal blanket to handle the situations of cold
  • In case of paw injury, it is good to have on you some dog booties or some pet socks
  • You must keep with you the name, address and contact details of nearby pet emergency clinic (best to have those on a piece of paper)

Where Should Your Dog Sleep While Camping

Perhaps, according to my personal experience, this could be the most important thing you need to consider if you are planning an outdoor camp with your doggy.

Again, you have to know what is your pet used to. You have to think where your dog will sleep in a tent. Are you planning to bring some crate with you, place it in your tent near you and get him sleeping comfortably on it? Are you going to set your dog free inside the tent with you?

Keep your pet all the time with you or near you. Being in outdoors it is too unpredictable you cannot let your him move around on its own. Weather conditions, dangerous wildlife or anything else can appear.

Bring some sleeping pad or kid-sized sleeping blanket with you to keep your puppy warm and comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Schedule of Your Dog

Sticking to the schedule is very important even if you are camping outdoors. He is used eating at a specific time of the day. Usually dogs alert you when it’s their meal time.

You have to keep this in mind instead of getting too overwhelmed by the camping experience in outdoors.

This will make your dog comfortable and he or she will not feel any awkward unfamiliarity. If your best friend is at peace, ultimately you are at peace.

Have Fun With Your Puppy

To make your bonding stronger with your best friend, camping outdoors is a great idea. It will allow you to get away from the dull and tiring routine of daily life as well.

Just follow my tips and have an enjoyable and memorable camping experience with your best friend.