Can I Bring My Cat When Camping?

Have you ever thought of bringing your cat with you during your camping? Well, this may sound a bit weird but the truth is, many people are doing it! 

Can you bring your cat when camping, then? If you have an adventurous type of cat, yes, you can always bring your furry friend with you. Going on camping is the perfect chance to get Kitty out of your home and do something new and exciting with you. 

However, even though you think your cat will enjoy going camping with you, there are several important things you have to know before you embark on such a trip. This is all the more so if the camping activity you are planning to do will take several days or even weeks. 

Does Your Cat Even Want to Go Camping with You?

Remember that not all cats are born campers. They should be confident enough in exploring unknown territories without any sense of fear unless you will keep them full-time inside the car and tent, campervan, or motorhome.

And if this is your plan, your furry companion must be an indoor cat for starters because the last thing you want is to confine a natural explorer. 

It is also important to check if you can put and remove the harness on your cat without it getting distressed or struggling. You can get your cat used to wearing a leash by taking short stints around your home and then your garden. 

Introduce your feline friend to going on a travel with short rides around the neighborhood. A long time before you plan your camping trip, it is important that you acclimatize your feline friend to riding the car. It is recommended that you start with several short distance trips first. 

Perform a test run as well. Sleep overnight in your tent pitched in the garden or in the campervan at home. It will help you and your cat to get used to the experience while letting you determine potential trouble spots. 

Consider the Type of Camping Trip You Will Have 

Decide on the specific type of camping trip that you will take with your pet. Do you plan to sleep inside an RV? Will you go camping in your tent with your car close by? You need to check that you prepare according to the type of camping trip you have in mind. Will the camping trip last for several days or a week? Details like these will help you determine the things you will bring and how much. 

It is also perfectly fine if you will only go for a short hike with Kitty. Never expect that you can just go outside and become the next survivor in the wild with your cat at your side.

If your cat hasn’t been on a hiking trail in the past, it is not yet too late to give it a try. Hiking is an exciting activity that the two of you can do together during your camping getaway. 

Check the Location 

It can be quite tempting to just jump in the car and drive to any location you can camp in. But, there are several areas that don’t allow cats and it is strongly recommended that you verify this first before you start packing for the trip. 

There are areas that are wildlife reserves where cats are not allowed to enter at all. Cats on a leash and harness might not be able to go near wildlife but their smell may end up scaring the wildlife. 

Packing for Your Camping Trip 

It is recommended to have your cat involved in the packing process when preparing for the trip. This can make them feel excited about the upcoming adventure.

There are several essentials that you should never forget to bring with you on your trip:

1. Your cat’s photo 

There is no way for you to predict how things will go and if worse comes to worst and your cat gets lost, having a photo of your pet can come in handy. Since phone batteries can run out, you might also want to keep a hard copy of the picture. 

2. Tracker 

A Bluetooth or GPS tracker can be attached to the collar or harness of your cat. This device can help you find your pet easily if the two of you get separated for whatever reason. 

3. Your cat’s own camp space 

There are cats that love to snuggle with their owners inside their sleeping bags. But, there are also cats that prefer to sleep in their personal space. For some cats, it could be their backpack lined with a fleece blanket. It can also be a playpen, a cat blanket, and a bed, or even a separate tent. 

4. Litter trays

You can choose from different kinds of litter trays out there. Other cat owners use other items such as kitten litter boxes, cardboard boxes, and Tupperware containers.

There are also owners who use recycled paper as kitty litter for camping trips because this lighter and easier to carry. If you want to make your load lighter, they to carry the least amount of required litter. 

There are owners who keep the litter tray inside the tent while others place the tray in a separate tent. And of course, there are cats that don’t even bother using litter trays as they prefer to just go outside to do their business. 

But, no matter how your pet uses the bathroom, always make sure that you properly and responsibly dispose of their waste. 

5. Other necessities and add-ons 

It is also recommended that you take enough treats, water, food, and bowls for your pet. If you will go camping in cold weather, don’t forget to pack the jackets and sweaters you normally use.

An LED collar or having an LED attached to the harness or collar of your cat is also handy as it lets you monitor them even in the dark. 

Going camping with your cat can be a memorable experience as long as you know the essential things to do and items to bring during your trip.