What To Do When You Are Sick In the Woods

When I started shivering while sitting in front of a campfire, I realized that I had a fever. I didn’t expect it and not even packed any medicines or essentials required for it. I was lucky enough as one of my friends bought medicines with her.

From then I decided to pack the first-aid kit and warm clothes first and foremost during any trip away from home. Apart from these few effective tips will also help sick people to feel comfortable during camping. Bellow, you will find a few tips regarding what to do and what to avoid when you are sick during camping.

Falling sick is the worst thing that can happen to anyone during camping! But anyone cannot stop it. Of course, we can prevent it. We need to follow some effective measures to stay away from cold and any such things. Especially when traveling with toddlers.

What to Do When You Are Sick

Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking water and fluids will help the body in flushing the unwanted toxins.

Once these unwanted toxins are flushed out of the body the temperature of the body will automatically come to a normal level.

Eat Well

Even if you don’t feel like eating you must eat well. This will help your body in generating the required energy to fight the virus.

Keep yourself busy

Unlike a typical patient try to be involved in any small tasks.

This helps you in diverting from the feeling of being sick. This will also help in reducing the sickness as well.

Clean your hands before eating

When you sneeze you will have bacteria on your hands and be eating with the same hands may cause even more infection. So, it is better to make sure that your hands are clean when you are about to eat something. One of my must-have items in my backpack is a liquid soap without detergents.

Take hot beverages or soups

Taking a hot soup will help you in feeling better when you are suffering from fever. This will not only add some energy but also will help you in keeping your tummy full. Having a camping cooking gear set with you it’s a must.

Have a good rest

Having a good sleep will help you to recover soon.

Taking rest will relax all your weak body parts and helps in generating a good amount of energy required for a speedy recovery. So, do not ignore ill health and take good rest when you are sick.

What not to do when you are sick?

Do not go out without warm clothes

Neglecting fever is not a good thing. Especially when you are hiking or camping never ever go out without any protection or warm clothes. Doing so will increase the temperature of your body and cause some more trouble.

Do not take too much medicine

Some people will take more amounts of medicine to get well soon. But this is really a wrong approach.

Taking a lot of medicine will not make you well soon, in fact, it will increase the risk of getting into more problems.

Don’t suffocate yourself

Now that you got flu or fever don’t suffocate yourself inside the tent. Come on! You did not get any severe disease that spreads just by a touch. Go out have some fresh air but don’t forget to cover yourself with the right clothes.

Avoid touching your face

Yes! Though this sounds little crazy you must never touch your face when you are ill. Touching face after sneezing or coughing will increase and multiply the number of germs your hands consist.

Anyone won’t expect to fall sick while camping. But everyone must be prepared for it. Carrying medicines and warm clothes will help you. Apart from these sick people must stay hygienic and protected when they are away from home. Following effective tips will definitely help you to get well soon.