Best Tent For Canoe Camping: ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Review

Camping trips should be memorable events but the sad truth is that most people are often left in disappointment after most camping trips due to poor quality pieces of equipment. Does this sound like something you experience a lot?

Well, if you are tired of getting soaked each time you go on a camping trip then you definitely have to get the best tent for canoe camping and it’s called Taurus 4 person tent from ALPS.

Feeling the elements of nature is the reason why everyone goes on a camping trip but the first thing to consider should be safe as these elements could be extreme and getting soaked in water could be devastating and unhealthy.

Cold can cause hypothermia and pneumonia and these are things you don’t want on your canoe camping trip.

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Best Tent For Canoe Camping: Taurus 4 Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Tent is a 4-Person Tent manufactured by ALPS which is a company aimed at producing high-quality camping gear, this tent can accommodate as much as 4 people and this makes it perfect for a camping trip with your family or friends.

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The features of this amazing camping tent are second to none as it has the ability to shield you completely from rain and cold, and the best part is that it isn’t hard to move around or set up, super cool huh? It is the perfect tent to take in your canoe when you go camping.

The Features

1. Free Standing Pole System

A free pole standing system is one of the most important features of the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus tent, this feature makes the tent easy to set up, all you have to do is attach pole clips to the fiberglass (shock corded).

2. Ventilation

This camping tent is amazing because it offers proper ventilation as it has zipper mesh windows on both doors of the tent, it also contains stargazing roof vent which makes your nights more enjoyable.

3. Weather Protection

ALPS combined all the waterproof materials they could get to make this tent completely waterproof for your comfort.

4. Vestibules and Dual Doors

Dual vestibules keep your camping gear close and dry while dual doors increase comfort by giving you the ability to crawl out of any door in an animal attack situation.

The Pros For This Tent

The Pros of this camping tent are the advantages/benefits of this tent, and here are a few you should know;

  • Lightweight – perfect for canoe camping (Total Weight: 10 lbs)
  • High quality you can trust
  • Produced by a 25-year-old company you can trust
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Value for your money
  • Protection from cold causing diseases
  • Increased comfort

The Cons

The original stakes are poor quality but this is common with the ones that are coming with any new tent.

What Other People Are Saying

ALPS is an outstanding brand in the camping gear producing industry and this 4-Person Taurus tent is worth a 5-star rating due to the comfort it provides.

This tent is also great due to its features that make it a 3-Season tent, and you’ll be amazed at how well it works in all the seasons.

The ALPS Taurus camping tent is super easy to set up, and this makes it perfect because you won’t have to lose energy in life-threatening situations. If you want to find out more from real users on then read more…

Why You Should Buy This Tent

There are a lot of reasons why this tent is perfect for you on your canoe camping trip but the first and most important reason is the super quality and comfort it offers, it is also a must-buy camping equipment because it is effective, easy to set up, and protects you from extreme weather conditions so you can call it both comfortable and life-saving.

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