Best Screen House For A Picnic Table: Coleman Screenhouse Review

I love going outdoors for a picnic with my family and friends. The area where we go is not always good and sometimes all kind of insects are disturbing us and the heat of the sun is unbearable.

I have faced another problem, “where to keep the picnic table”. To solve all these problems, I ordered a screened canopy from Coleman.

Now, I am gonna tell you, what I liked about it and why I consider this to be the best screen house for a picnic table.

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Versatile Screenhouse

This thing was a great protection from any bugs in the woods, no more mosquitos, flies, wasps and so on. We could relax and have a nice picnic without the annoying bugs.

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We kept the picnic table inside the screen house and it offers protection from the sun and the wind and all the insects that were disturbing us while we ate. Also, the food and all the luggage stay nicely inside protected from the sun and rain.

The Pros

It was really easy to install. It takes around 60 seconds to make it stand and a couple more minutes to setup it.

The canopy is portable and it is easy to carry. When we go out for a picnic, we often lack space in our cars. But this canopy comes in a box and the box has wheels. So, there is hardly any problem with the transportation.

This screen house is made of (2x) double thick Polyguard fabric. This is really useful for outdoors. This material is truly durable. You can use it seasons after seasons without being worried.

The best part of this canopy is – it gives protection from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. It provides 50+ UPF sun protection. You can enjoy a long sunny day under it.

The screen house has two large doors for easy access. I was very pleased with this.

The canopy has a large space. The canopy can be set up with stakes or without stakes. During a good breezy day, the canopy can be used (without the stakes). The total area inside this tent is 90 sqft. The height in the center is 8ft 4 inches. The ground stakes make the canopy a stable one.

The installation process is really easy. There are stakes. Just keep the stakes outside. Then after stretching the legs, a button on each leg will pop up. Now, This tent is almost ready to use. When repacking, this button is to be pushed to fold the legs. With this easy process, the tent can be set up.

Check the video below to see how easy is to install it.

The cons

I have used it and there is hardly any downside. Only the space inside could have been a little bigger.

The verdict

I like it. This camping product has so many good sides. There is a place inside the tent where you can hang a bulb for lighting. The zipped doors really provide protection from bugs. 

With so many facilities it is really a perfect one for outdoor camping. I have used it with two chairs, one average picnic table and also with a garbage can.

If you plan to go for a picnic this tent is just the perfect choice for you. You can have different color choices. You can select between green and brown colors. It protects you from bugs and from the Sun. You can place your table inside it and you can enjoy a relaxed dining. You don’t need anybody to install it. You can do it yourself or if you are camping with your soulmate then it will be a fun process.

I highly recommend this screen house if you are going out for some picnic with your family or friends. You can check the price on Amazon or if you want to read more reviews… from other users.