Best Camping Heater For A Tent: Mr. Heater F215100 Review

Hunting is a passion for me that has gone beyond being a simple hobby.

I absolutely love my time in the wilderness, not only communing with nature but looking to win the one-on-one battle against prey, no matter what it is that I may be hunting for.

While this is not for me, there are those who simply like to get outdoors, to spend a day, weekend, or week’s period of time out in nature enjoying the beauty that is the earth.

They love camping under the stars, living off the land, or maybe just taking long strolls each day as they learn a little bit more about the natural wonders of our planet.

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It’s Not All Peaches and Cream Out There

While you may be a person who really enjoys being outdoors, there is one aspect of it that can make for a rather difficult day and evening.

That is when the temperature starts to get lower, where your body begins to shiver and your enjoyment of the great outdoors starts to quickly sour.

It does not matter whether you are camping or hunting, you may be spending long hours sitting or standing where it is getting rather cold.

This is especially true if you are hunting, where you may be required to sit in a perch for hours waiting for your prey or to stand in some bushes hoping that a deer, quail, or other game come by.

In the interim you wait in the cold, trying to keep yourself warm so that you can be alert and focused when your prey arrives. This can be a real challenge and is why many have opted to go with the Mr. Heater F215100 Heater to help them stay warm in the frigid outdoors.

Why I Chose the Mr. Heater F215100 Little Buddy

I have spent many hours outdoors waiting for a deer or turkey to come by.

Where I live in the upper Midwest it can get extremely cold, especially at the time when hunting season first begins.

No matter how warm my clothing may be, I still find that I am a bit chilled, and have to temper what I wear. A bulky hunting suit isn’t going to help my accuracy, and accuracy is important when every shot matters.

It is for this reason that I turned to this portable heater. It became the perfect device for me to use to keep myself warm, whether I was sitting in my hunting blind, pitched in a tent, or simply sitting in a secluded area.

The Little Buddy offered me a number of features that really made it ideal for those cold winters where the temperature was still right around freezing, or maybe even below it.

Where I simply couldn’t afford to be cold if I was can get often accurate shot. It was truly what the doctor ordered.

Why You Should Get It

There is honestly a lot to like about this product.

First of all, it starts with the fact that it will heat an area of 95 ft.², far bigger than any tent you will purchase, and really is able to heat a small cabin. That makes it ideal for you to take with you virtually anywhere you go.

What I also like about it was that it didn’t give my position away.


It comes with a portable propane heater, but the heat is odor-free and it didn’t make any noise. This ensured that no animal was going to know I was around because my heater was giving me away.

That’s important when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors and you don’t want to feel that your day was wasted.

The convenient build of this product also sold me. It comes on a small stand, which allowed me to pivot the heating mechanism as I need.

Therefore, at times where I didn’t want the heat directly on me, but I still wanted my blind to stay warm, I could turn the heater away from me so I didn’t become overheated.

Easy To Use

In addition, it was easy to turn on and off. One simple tap of the on-off button and the propane cylinder immediately sprung into action or shut off. I didn’t have to fumble with trying to turn knobs and try to light the heating mechanism with some kind of igniter or even a match. One flip of the switch and my heater was working.

Plus, I could use this heater at elevations up to 7000 feet. At times, I like to hunt out in mountain areas where the game that is available is a bit more diverse. Having a space heater that worked well in higher elevations only enhanced my ability to be successful while on a hunt.

My friends told me that they loved how well it worked when they were camping at higher elevations, so there is no doubt you will find it to be a perfect option.

Why Other Reviews Matter

What was funny about the Mr. Heater F215100 was that I was sold before I even bought it.

I had gone out to read the reviews and they were all positive. I loved that it weighed only 5 pounds, that is easily stored in my bag for me to take with me, and really wasn’t a danger for me to carry. All of those things already had my interest peaked.

However, it was what people had to say when I talk to them about it. They loved how easy it was to get up and going, so they weren’t sitting outside freezing their you know what off.

In a matter of a couple of seconds, they headed out of their bag, set up and were warming themselves. When it is freezing outside, you can’t beat that.

I also appreciated that they were honest about the limitations of the heater.

They admitted it was a little more difficult to clean because they had to remove six screws just to get it open. That sounded a bit inconvenient, but it wasn’t something that was going to deter me from buying the Mr. Heater F215100.

Plus, they explained the instruction guide that came with it was a little complicated. It wasn’t really well written and the design of it was terrible, so figuring out how to disassemble it to clean wasn’t as easy as it should’ve been.

Once again, that wasn’t a big deal as I was able to find good YouTube videos that explained what I needed to do.

You Can Have Confidence

I get that there’s a lot of apprehension about reading these reviews. You don’t really know who the person is who’s trying to sell you on why you should buy something.

However, don’t just take my word for it. You can go out and read reviews across the Internet and you will read some really positive things about Mr. Heater F215100. Read Reviews… (on Amazon)

It really is the perfect product for a person who’s going to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors.