Camping in the wild with my tent

I’m George and like many people, I used to spend my summer vacations in the countryside, visiting my grandparents. Of course, I am well aware that not everybody got the chance to enjoy such vacations, so I consider myself lucky. I can still remember the serenity of those hills and orchards, the smell of grass and flowers, and the long warm summer days.

I used to run all day, barefoot even, without a care in the world. As I grew, the routine of life in the city started to take a hold on my life. Soon, I was unhappy, in spite of all the professional success I was enjoying, not realizing what was missing from my life.

This is when I knew I had to do something about it, as I was no longer willing to live this way. I was tired of all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, constantly looking for ways to reduce the pressure and enjoy my time.

Determined to find myself and the things that could make me happy, I packed my bags and a tent and went camping. Once out in nature, away from all the modern technology and daily schedule, a revelation hit me. This is what I needed to feel happy and alive again. I needed to spend time outdoors as much as possible, giving my mind and body the chance to regain its balance.

So, from that day forth, I went out camping as often as I could. I enjoyed sleeping in a tent, waking up to enjoy a warm cup of coffee to the chirping of the birds and wind playing with the leaves of the forest.

Me when I was little
This is a picture my dad sent me. It is a scan of a physical picture took in the mountains when I was little.

Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, as I continue camping and sleeping in the wilderness. Of course, I am not a reckless person, as I do believe that preparation is key when heading toward an outdoor adventure. This is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. I wanted not just to encourage people to go camping, but also to share precious information that will increase their degree of comfort and safety.

One of the main goals of this blog is to show people that camping and sleeping outdoors is not such a daunting task. It is achievable with the right kind of equipment and precaution measures, and it is one of the cheapest ways of spending leisure time. If you like to relax and vacation as often as possible, camping will give you the chance to do so with a very small budget.

You’ll just invest in the beginning, as you’ll need to get a good tent, a reliable sleeping bag, an insulation pad, and proper clothing and shoes for your expeditions. And this is why I am here, ready to help you enjoy camping and sleeping outdoors through my posts.

I will try to cover both the usual aspects connected to camping and sleeping outdoors, but also details that are not so much known. Hopefully, I will manage to transmit my enthusiasm and interest in camping to others as well and underline just how amazing it is to spend time away from cities and technology.

My only recommendation is to respect nature by not leaving traces in the places where you camp. Always take a look around before leaving your campsite, checking for anything that may have been forgotten.

Pack your trash appropriately and don’t leave a mess behind. And always built a small hole for your physiological needs, a hole that will be covered with dirt upon your departure, if you choose to camp off-trail. We can enjoy everything nature has to offer, but it is our duty to respect and protect it.

So, if you’re looking for something relaxing yet informative to read, I hope that my posts will provide all that. I will be even happier to know that my writings motivated others to try camping and sleeping outdoors. Thus, don’t hesitate to share your opinions and experiences with me, in the form of comments. Any ideas and tips are welcome, as we can learn new things all the time.

Don’t hesitate to check the “Reviews” area as well, where I will try providing detailed descriptions and features for various camping gear, and other pieces of advice. I am a true believer that learning out of other’s experiences is the best way to do it and stay safe at all times. Having in mind that nature is unpredictable, every piece of information that helps you stay protected is extremely important.

After saying all this, I can only hope that you’ll get to enjoy both my blog and outdoor camping and sleeping. In my opinion, spending time outside is the best way to reconnect with our inner selves and find what is bringing us the biggest degree of happiness.

It is also the best therapy for stress and fast pace of life these days. In nature, time has a different value and small things have a bigger meaning. You may not enjoy the comfort of 5-star hotels, but you will gain something much more precious.

You’ll experience freedom, peace of mind, and much-needed tranquility. Camping is the method that will help you release your mind of negative thoughts and have a break from anything and everything.

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